Jewish Residential Homes for Special Needs


Offering adults with special needs a supported, community based, group living environment that meets their unique needs and gives them the opportunity to be active in Jewish life.


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Mandel House


Mandel House serves up to six (6) adults with intellectual disabilities and behavioral health challenges requiring specialized supports. Operated and staffed by Abilities OC, the home offers residents behavioral support, person-centered planning, daily skills training. The focus of the program is on providing residents with intensive, person-centered behavior management, implementing and evaluating innovative treatment planning and therapeutic services.


These services are complemented by a robust menu of enrichment activities like health and wellness programs, sporting events, and holiday parties.


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Horwitz Family House

Horwitz Family House serves adults with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, and neurological development disorders. Highly trained staff provide assistance with daily living activities, nutrition, and socialization. Each resident has a team of experts to help guide and support their individual needs. This licensed adult residential facility focuses on individuals who need assistance in daily living, oversight in medication compliance, occupational assistance, social skill development and peer support.  Residents typically attend day programs and supported work placements in the community.


Residents have the opportunity to experience Jewish culture through Shabbat dinners, Chanukah menorah lightings, Passover Seders, Purim parties and High Holiday observances. Residents engage in many personal choice activities, such as attending sporting events, planning holiday parties, participating in learning programs, and pursuing community-giving opportunities.


In addition, Horwitz Family House offers wellness activities, such as nutrition education, exercise with volunteer trainers, organic gardening, healthy cooking, and participation in seasonal events. Community volunteers and families assist with enrichment projects. 


Horwitz Family House is focused on achieving positive outcomes for each individual’s dignity, self-determination, self-esteem, and personal development, and helping each resident to have a contributing role in the community.  


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