Special Needs Services


We provide support for services and residential care that enables people with special needs to live enriched, independent and active live. We bring Jewish programming and activities to them, creating opportunity for acceptance, inclusion and participation in the Orange County Jewish community.




Jewish Residential Homes


Offering adults with special needs a supported, community based, group living environment that meets their unique needs and gives them the opportunity to be active in Jewish life. Learn more here.



Jeremiah Society

The Jeremiah Society provides members with safe, supervised social/educational gatherings, incorporating music, wellness activities, and lessons about Jewish history, values, and culture. For more information please email Kathleen@JFFS.org.




Donate to Our Programs


You make a monetary donation directed to a Special Needs program. Be sure to select the program you want to designate from the pull-down menu on the donation form.





There are many fun and meaningful opportunities for volunteers to support our work with people with special needs. For more information please email Kathleen@JFFS.org.