Holocaust Survivor Program

Today, Orange County is home to around 300 Holocaust survivors, many of whom  live alone,  have  little social support, and continue to bear scars from their past trauma. JFFS is deeply committed to supporting and caring for Holocaust Survivors in our community through our Holocaust Survivor Program. 

Meeting Basic & Emergency Needs

It is difficult to live with dignity while struggling to meet basic needs. Thanks to the generosity of donors in our community, JFFS helps Holocaust survivors put food on the table, keep the lights and heat/air conditioning on, and purchase critical items like medication, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and medical alerts.


We also help low-income survivors access an emergency alert system through the Blue Card program.


Financial Support for In-Home Care

Many Holocaust survivors need in-home care to live safely and independently in the familiar environment of their own home. In-home services can include personal/nursing care, chore/errand assistance, transportation, or housekeeping. In 2018, JFFS reimbursed survivors for nearly 40,000 hours of home care through a grant from The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.


Providing Transportation

Through a generous grant from the Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation, JFFS provides transportation for Holocaust survivors who no longer drive. These rides are more than transportation; they help preserve independence, enabling trips to the grocery store, medical appointments, and social engagements.


Reducing Isolation

The JFFS Meal Partners program is designed to improve the health and well-being of isolated Holocaust survivors by matching them with community volunteers to create lasting supportive relationships around sharing meals.

With the support of our community partners, our Café Europa monthly gatherings bring Holocaust survivors together to socialize with each other and engage with the broader Jewish community. Learn more about Cafe Europa here.


Crisis Intervention, Case Management & Counseling

Survivors can receive consultation and assistance on any issue affecting their health and well-being. Assistance can be either short- or long-term. JFFS staff provides expert case management and counseling to Holocaust survivors and their families for mental health conditions arising from prolonged exposure to trauma.


Reparation Application Support

The process of filing claims for restitution or reparation is complex, with ever-evolving criteria from multiple European countries. In recent years, JFFS has helped Holocaust survivors unlock more than $700,000 of reparations payments, as well as ongoing pensions.


Emergency Financial Support

Low-income survivors are eligible for assistance with medicine, dental care, short-term nursing care and other one-time expenses.



For More Information

For more information on the JFFS Holocaust Survivor Program, contact Cally Clein at 949.435.3460, ext. 359, or email Cally@JFFS.org.



Help Us Care for Holocaust Survivors

You can help ensure that the Holocaust survivors in Orange County receive the care and support they deserve by making a donation today to our Aging with Dignity Campaign.


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