In this time of self-isolation when leaving our homes is not an option for many in our Jewish community, Jewish Federation of Orange County has launched this Volunteer Hub to connect people who need a helping hand with basic errands with volunteers who want to help them. 
Click "I Need a Helping Hand" to request assistance with grocery shopping or pharmacy pick-up and home drop-off (without contact), running other types of brief errands and pet walking.
Or click "I Want to Volunteer" to sign up be a volunteer, offering your time to run errands for others. If you need to stay home but still want to volunteer, you can phone, write letters or make cards for those who would appreciate some extra care and comfort at this challenging time.  

These links lead to simple forms to fill out. We will do our best to match people with volunteers within 24 to 36 hours during the business week.
Please address any questions to

Volunteers must fill out a waiver and return it to in order for their application to be considered. 

We will do our best to match you with a volunteer within 24 hours of receipt of your completed form.



JFFS offers many ways to get involved in the community and make a difference. Join us in our mission of tikkun olam, “repairing the world” through one act of kindness at a time. Please see below for opportunities or contact us at

  • Meal Partners Program

    Bringing Holocaust survivors together with community volunteers who engage with them through the sharing of meals. Build relationships, strengthen community, and increase the survivors’ quality of life.

  • Special Needs Services

    Fun and meaningful opportunities for volunteers to support our work with people with special needs.

  • NextGen Cares

    Join other young adults (21+) helping to make a difference in people’s lives through the mitzvah of tikkun olam by volunteering. It’s fun and makes a profound impact!

  • Mitzvah Mavens (Women)

    Meet and become friends with a dynamic group of women who are doing important mitzvah projects throughout OC! There is no financial commitment to get involved.