Download and Personalize the Solomon Society App

Thank you for downloading the Solomon Society App! The app is a great way to stay in touch with your fellow members and keep up-to-date on all things Solomon Society.


How to Download the JFFS Solomon Society App

1.  Open the Apple App Store or Google Play

2. Select the search bar and type "Solomon Society" 

3.  Get    APPLE     INSTALL

4.  Enter your Apple ID

5.  Once App is installed select OPEN to launch the app

6.  Select ALLOW to "Solomon Society" Would Like to Send You Notifications

7.  Select "update"

8.  Enter your phone number to continue and select "sign in"

9.  You will recieve a text message with a 4-number code from 323.282.3710

10. Enter your pin code

11. Select "I Agree"

12. You will be able to look at the fine print by selecting "User Agreement"

Apple Funtion         Android Function

How to Personalize Your JFFS Solomon Society App

1.  Select 3 line icon in upper left hand corner

2.  Select your name 

3.  To upload a photo:

  • ​Select red pencil icon
  • Select photo
  • To take a select photo:

     Take Photo


  • Select OK to "Solomon Society" Would Like to Access the Camera
  • To upload an exsisting photo:

     Photo Library 



​4.  Select OK to "Solomon Society" Would Like to Access Your Files

5.  Position photo as desired and select "Choose" in lower right hand corner 

6.  "Search Image" allows access to photos uploaded by app admin

7.  To update information, select either "personal/"professional"/"more" tabs

8.  Select red font to update

9.  Turn "Visibility" on or off

10. When completed, select "Save" at the upper right hand corner