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2018 registration NOW OPEN! 

Do Israel The OC Way, July 31 - August 12!





About Birthright Israel


Birthright Israel provides the gift of a free peer group, educational trip to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 31 from around the world. We want young Jewish people to come to Israel, and to see, smell, feel, hear and taste the land first-hand. To experience it, talk about it, and think about what Israel means for them and the Jewish people. Birthright Israel is all about discovery– a discovery of Israel and its people, discovery of one’s own personal connection to Jewish values and tradition, and discovery of the ways in which one can be a part of the larger Jewish community.​


Since its inception in December 1999, Birthright Israel has sent over 500,000 Jewish young adults to Israel. They come from 66 countries, all 50 U.S. States and Canadian provinces, and from nearly 1,000 North American colleges and universities.


Each trip is absolutely FREE with no strings attached! That's right, FREE. The idea is simple– we want you to go to Israel, and to experience the beauty that is the Jewish homeland. The Birthright Israel gift covers round-trip airfare plus ten days of accommodations and unique travel programming in Israel.


10 Days Last a Lifetime

The OC Way Trip


You need this -- take a break from the daily grind! Fly from LAX to TLV, sharing every day with Israelis and Orange County peers -- all your own age! Make meaningful connections while experiencing the wonders of Israel. Explore Israel for 10 epic days with people who you can debate the best taco in OC with, while savoring flavors of Jerusalem! You’ll share memories and perspectives with people you’ll stay connected with back home and beyond. This is YOUR moment. Do it now. Do it the OC Way!




Eligibility for the Birthright Israel gift mostly depends on three factors: Age, Jewish Background, and Previous Israel Experience.


As a basic guideline: The Birthright Israel gift is open to all Jewish young adults, ages 18 to 26 who have not participated on a peer educational trip since they turned 18 nor lived in Israel past the age of 12.





The OC Way Trip will be led by Birthright alum, OC resident and JFFS staffer Arielle Roude. With help from Shorashim (your trip provider) many “Israel aficionados,” she has hand-picked your itinerary and will be available to you throughout the entire process.  Call her to chat at 949.435.3484 or email her at Arielle@JFFS.org.





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Is this trip for observant Jews ONLY?


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