Passport to Jewish Life® Recommendation Guidelines




Recommendation letters must be emailed to by the same deadlines as applications. Please see for a list of those dates. Please cc the parent who applied so they know your recommendation letter has been submitted.




  • Body of an email is preferred, but you may also submit a word document (No PDFs please)
  • Write in one brief, running paragraph. No paragraph breaks, dashes, or bullets.
  • Maximum 125 words
  • No names, please. Do not use the student’s first or last name (or their parent’s name, if applicable) in your letter. Our Connect 2 Learning committee reviews applications “blind” and any personal information revealed in your letter can compromise confidentiality. In your letter, please use generic pronouns such as he, she, the student, the parent, etc. 
  • Email subject line should read as follows:  “Student Lastname Student Firstname – Recommendation.” For example, Smith John – Recommendation
  • At the end of your letter, please note your name, title, and institution