What is Passport to Jewish Life®?


Like passports used by travelers, JFFS “Passports” are need- and merit-based educational grants that open doors to meaningful and exciting Jewish experiences for OC Jewish youth and young adults.




Who is eligible to apply?


Eligible recipients are Jewish OC residents between the ages of rising 4th grader (3rd grade for congregational religious school only) and age 22. You may apply for a Passport if you live outside of OC but are affiliated with an OC congregation. Siblings are eligible to apply in the same year (and the same program), but a separate application must be filled out for each student.




How does our process work?


Passport to Jewish life is a three-way partnership:



Financially, the partnership looks like this:



What do Passport to Jewish Life® grants fund, and how much can you apply for?



Let us explain this chart for you a bit more. For Religious School and regular CTeen and Israeli Scouts programs, applicants may request up to $1,000 every year.  For all other programs, any Passport funding you receive counts toward a $1,000 lifetime cap. How you use those funds is your choice. For example, you may apply for a full $1,000 toward a teen Israel trip. Or, you can apply for $300 for Maccabi, $300 for Jewish summer camp, and $400 toward an Israel trip in the student's life.

* Not sure how much you or your child has received toward his/her lifetime cap? Email Passport@JFFS.org



Recommendation letters:

Each Passport to Jewish Life® application requires a separate recommendation letter to be considered for funding. You must request a letter from a community professional (rabbi, cantor, educator, teacher, coach, etc) can can speak positively on your/your child’s behalf, and it must be emailed to Passport@JFFS.org by the appropriate application deadline. Recommendation letters CANNOT be written by family members.


Are you a recommendation writer?


Here are the guidelines.



Ready to apply?

Our 2017 Passport to Jewish Life® grant process is currently closed. Our committee is meeting mid-December to set our 2018 deadlines, application form, policies, and procedures. All updated information should be available right here on our website by mid-January. We look forward to working with you next year!


Still have questions? 

We have answers! Our JFFS Youth Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, Jillian Katz, is ready to help you! Either email Passport@JFFS.org or call 949.435.3484 ext.335.