About the Cohen Grant


Thanks to a generous endowment from the estate of Bernard (Harry) Cohen, JFFS is able to offer the Cohen Grant for College Students. It is a one-time, non-renewable grant of $500.





Who's Eligible?


Jewish college/university undergraduate or graduate students who are enrolled in college/university for the academic year; and whose permanent (family) residence is in Orange County, California.





When to Apply?


There is only one deadline per year for the Cohen Grant. The 2017 deadline has passed. Decisions on the 2017 Cohen Grants will be made by the JFFS Connect 2 Learning Committee on June 12.

 2018 Cohen Grant Applications will be available in the spring of 2018. 





What is Required?


1. Online application

2. Recommendation letter




Guidelines for Applicants


Each Cohen Grant application requires a separate recommendation letter to be considered for funding.  You must request a letter from a community professional (rabbi, cantor, educator, teacher, coach, etc.), and it must be emailed to Grants@JFFS.org by the application deadline. Recommendation letters cannot be written by family members.  Please share the guidelines below with the person you ask to write the recommendation.



Guidelines for Recommendation Writers


  • Submit the letter in the body of an email or as a Word document attached to an email.  No PDFs or JPGs please. 
  • Write in one brief, running paragraph. No paragraph breaks, dashes, or bullets.
  • Maximum 125 words. 
  • Do not use names (of the student or their family) in the letter text. Our committee reviews applications “blind” and any personal information revealed in your letter can compromise confidentiality. Instead of names, use generic pronouns such as he, she, the student, the parent, etc.
  • Email subject line should read as follows: “Student Last Name Student First Name – Recommendation.” For example, Smith John – Recommendation.
  • At the end of letter, please be sure the recommender's name, title and institution is included. 





Still have questions?


We have answers! Our JFFS Community Partnerships Associate, Jillian Weyman, is ready to help you! Either email Grants@JFFS.org or call 949.435.3484 ext. 335.