Key Staff Contacts


Composed of experienced professionals and committed community leaders, our staff members bring an impressive array of experience and expertise to the table, covering such key areas as social service delivery, campaign development, marketing/communications, finance, data, engagement/outreach, and more. Together, this team works to meet the needs of our community, today and for the future.


You can reach JFFS staff members at 949.435.3484 except as noted below.

Arlene Miller

President & CEO












Joshua Teeple
Chief Financial Officer


Kay Williams
Accounts Payable

Community Partnerships / Relations

Kathleen Mellon
Senior Director, Community Partnerships

Sharon Chelouche
Manager, Community Partnerships

Lisa Armony
Director, Rose Project

Donor Services

Anita Lewicke
Director, Information Systems & Donor Operations

Family Services

Cally Clein, LCSW
Director, Senior Care & Connect
(949) 435-3460 ext. 359


Shelli Mire
Case Worker, Holocaust Survivor Program, and Data Entry Associate, MHSA Outreach & Engagement Program
949.435.3460 ext. 370

Symone Sass, MSW
Coordinator, Meal Partners Program
949.435.4560 ext.297

Marina Segal
Bilingual Caseworker, Holocaust Survivor Program
949.435.3484 ext. 365

Nancy Almaleh
​Case Manager, Lifelines, and Referral Specialist, MHSA Outreach & Engagement Program

949.435.3460 ext. 366

Reega Neutel, MSW
Coordinator, Special Needs Services

Lori Axton
Contracts Associate

949.435.3460 ext. 357

Kelvin Axel
Transportation Operations Supervisor, Holocaust Survivor Program, and Mobility Manager, Transit Tutors


Cindy Smith
Director, Engagement

Alexandra Mars
Director, Special Events and Volunteers

Amanda Silverman
Manager, NextGen

Jillian Katz
Coordinator, Youth Outreach and Engagement

Marketing & Communications

Bonnie Widerman
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications


Lucy Zavala
Office Manager

Lisa Siegel


Stephanie Epstein
Senior Director, Philanthropy

Doris Jacobson
Director, Community Philanthropy

Jahanna Semelroth
Manager, Women's
Philanthropy & Laguna Woods Region